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(edit) @1531   8 weeks mbarry rex updates from Mark, incl. removal of Date::Parse dependency
(edit) @1530   2 months mbarry rex patch from Mark
(edit) @1529   2 months mbarry Rename ABC ME -> ABCME
(edit) @1528   7 months mbarry reconciler: Add exception for Trawlermen by user request
(edit) @1527   7 months mbarry Channel updates (incl ABC3 -> ABC ME), some from Wayne
(edit) @1526   9 months mbarry Foxtel_swf patch from Christian
(edit) @1525   9 months mbarry Fix "Nine" migration
(edit) @1524   9 months mbarry rex: New version
(edit) @1523   9 months mbarry Patch from Chris P
(edit) @1522   9 months mbarry More regional channel updates
(edit) @1521   10 months mbarry More channel updates
(edit) @1520   10 months mbarry Remove SC 9HD->WIN HD redirect as Phil says it's not true for all regions
(edit) @1519   10 months mbarry More regional channel chaos updates!
(edit) @1518   10 months mbarry Regional channel chaos! Lots of changes.
(edit) @1517   10 months mbarry Updated channel_list.
(edit) @1516   11 months mbarry yahoo7widget: Channel name correction from Christian
(edit) @1515   12 months mbarry yahoo7widget: update channel name from Chris
(edit) @1514   12 months mbarry reconciler_mk2: Honour differences that only involve numbers, e.g. …
(edit) @1513   12 months mbarry Shepherd::Configure: Better error-checking for guided channel selection …
(edit) @1512   12 months mbarry oztivo patch from Branko
(edit) @1511   12 months mbarry reconciler: Prevent Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders from being …
(edit) @1510   14 months mbarry Channel updates
(edit) @1509   14 months mbarry Add channel 7flix
(edit) @1508   17 months mbarry channel_list: Correct typo in 9Go! transition
(edit) @1507   17 months mbarry Many channel changes, esp. Channel Nine ones (eg GEM -> 9Gem, GO! -> …
(edit) @1506   18 months mbarry Channel update: Added RACING.COM, Food Network.
(edit) @1505   19 months mbarry Missed in previous commit
(edit) @1504   19 months mbarry OzTivo? channel list update from Wayne.
(edit) @1503   19 months mbarry Add new Stop List exception for Fargo (to exclude SBS "Sneak Peak"); also …
(edit) @1502   19 months mbarry Correct channel migration SBS ONE
(edit) @1501   19 months mbarry Channel "SBS ONE" has been renamed back to "SBS" (again)
(edit) @1500   2 years mbarry Removed abc_website due to format change. Needs a new write to use JSON.
(edit) @1499   2 years mbarry Channel update. Main change is renaming of ABC2 / ABC4 -> ABC2 / KIDS.
(edit) @1498   2 years mbarry shepherd: --show-channels: Make it more obvious when people are …
(edit) @1497   2 years mbarry New Foxtel channels from Wayne
(edit) @1496   3 years mbarry reconciler_mk2: Allow user to just add/modify exceptions, rather than …
(edit) @1495   3 years mbarry reconciler_mk2: Tweaking user-defined stop list exceptions
(edit) @1494   3 years mbarry shepherd: Correct --help documentation for --change-title-translation
(edit) @1493   3 years mbarry reconciler_mk2: Allow user editing of stop list exceptions
(edit) @1492   3 years mbarry sbsweb: Stop setting wrong XMLTV ID for SBS HD
(edit) @1491   3 years mbarry reconciler: Allow for NCIS: New Orleans
(edit) @1490   3 years mbarry Allow title translations to be changed with --list-title-translations and …
(edit) @1489   3 years mbarry Use dependency on LWP::Protocol::https, which seems to be the most …
(edit) @1488   3 years mbarry Shepherd::Common: Remove dependency on Net::SSL, which doesn't seem to be …
(edit) @1487   3 years mbarry Re-enable abc_website, which has been upgraded to offer the new feature of …
(edit) @1486   3 years mbarry Channel name change: ABC1->ABC. Also disable abc_website which has broken …
(edit) @1485   3 years mbarry Remove 'news' as datasource appears to have vanished
(edit) @1484   3 years mbarry channel_list: Correct migration for Sydney 4ME->4Me
(edit) @1483   3 years mbarry channel_list: Updates!
(edit) @1482   3 years mbarry Shepherd: Similar to [1481], expand out relative paths when using --output …
(edit) @1481   3 years mbarry Don't fail when unable to create cache copy; also identify when a filename …
(edit) @1480   3 years mbarry shepherd: Fix regression in [1474] (v1.9.0) that caused Shepherd to stop …
(edit) @1479   4 years mbarry Correct typo in Shepherd help text.
(edit) @1478   4 years mbarry Shepherd: Updates to &refill_mythtv() to work with newer MythTV versions, …
(edit) @1477   4 years mbarry Shepherd: Bugfix: --reoutput wasn't working on older Shepherd versions
(edit) @1476   4 years mbarry Shepherd::MythTV: Try harder to figure out MythTV version, since some …
(edit) @1475   4 years mbarry Shepherd: Add --allowautorefresh to override --days
(edit) @1474   4 years mbarry shepherd v1.9.0: Add "autorefresh"
(edit) @1473   4 years mbarry metacritic postprocessor: Correct titles with apostrophes, recognize soft …
(edit) @1472   4 years mbarry Shepherd::Configure: Attempt to create symlink to tv_grab_au both in …
(edit) @1471   4 years mbarry shepherd: Even more help text during &require_module()
(edit) @1470   4 years mbarry shepherd: More help text for people trying to install required modules.
(edit) @1469   4 years mbarry imdb_augment_data: Avoid erroring out with movies that begin with "The"
(edit) @1468   4 years mbarry reconciler: Remove "Use of uninitialized value within @titles" error
(edit) @1467   4 years mbarry logo_list.txt: Updated URLs for
(edit) @1466   4 years mbarry channel_list: Add SpreeTV
(edit) @1465   4 years mbarry Shepherd::Configure: Remove --color option from 'ls' command, since it …
(edit) @1464   4 years mbarry Shepherd: Log the list of components used each run
(edit) @1463   4 years mbarry news: Die more quickly due to network errors.
(edit) @1462   4 years mbarry news: Re-enable and die more quickly if there are many parsing errors.
(edit) @1461   4 years mbarry sbsweb: Updates by Bradley
(edit) @1460   4 years mbarry news: Disable, possible format change
(edit) @1459   4 years mbarry sbsweb: Bump quality from 1 to 2, since it has been reported to be working …
(edit) @1458   4 years mbarry sbsweb: Fix channel name "SBS TWO", remove/correct debug statements, fix …
(edit) @1457   4 years mbarry New version of sbsweb
(edit) @1456   4 years mbarry Channel updates: All regions now have 7mate rather than 7MATE, add TVSN to …
(edit) @1455   4 years mbarry Be more explicit about what's going wrong when the user is missing …
(edit) @1454   4 years mbarry shepherd: Correct typo in check for Sort::Versions
(edit) @1453   4 years mbarry augment_timezone: Always add timezone data when we know MythTV is version …
(edit) @1452   4 years mbarry shepherd: Use Sort::Versions if possible
(edit) @1451   4 years mbarry Shepherd::MythTV: Add &mythtv_version, so components can figure out which …
(edit) @1450   4 years mbarry sbsweb: Centrally disabled due to datasource format change
(edit) @1449   4 years mbarry Shepherd: mythfilldatabase didn't support --version before 0.25.
(edit) @1448   4 years mbarry Shepherd v1.8.1: Add --reoutput-mythtv
(edit) @1447   4 years mbarry Shepherd v1.8: Add --refill-mythtv and --refresh-mythtv options.
(edit) @1446   4 years max test 2
(edit) @1445   4 years max test
(edit) @1444   4 years mbarry Shepherd::MythTV: Also seek config file in ~/.mythtv/config.xml
(edit) @1443   4 years mbarry Channel rename: SBS TWO -> SBS 2
(edit) @1442   4 years max channel_list updates: "4ME" is the new name of "Television 4," apparently
(edit) @1441   4 years max Channel modifications for regions 126, 102
(edit) @1440   4 years max Fix name of channel LifeStyleYOU2
(edit) @1439   4 years max Shepherd: Fix for grabber scoring: don't award so many points for stored …
(edit) @1438   4 years max Foxtel channel updates
(edit) @1437   4 years max shepherd: Rewrite grabber selection logic to give greater priority to …
(edit) @1436   4 years max Add NITV to a few regions.
(edit) @1435   4 years max Added util/, for channel checking Pay TV
(edit) @1434   4 years lincoln update sbsweb conf file for NITV, increase quality
(edit) @1433   4 years lincoln whoops, didn't notice Max had added NITV to channel_list so revert that …
(edit) @1432   4 years lincoln add new channel NITV
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