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Ticket Summary Component Version Milestone Type Owner Status Created
#104 tvdb_augment_data broken due to new API Postprocessor 1.x defect lincoln new Dec 1, 2008
#334 Playhouse Disney has been replaced by Disney Junior Grabber defect new May 28, 2011
#336 Problems with collecting only paytv channels Configuration defect new May 29, 2011
#341 Allow use of JavaScript::SpiderMonkey if no JavaScript in news grabber Grabber 1.x enhancement new Jun 25, 2011
#333 foxtel_swf does not scrape LifestyleHome Grabber 1.x 1.0 defect new May 28, 2011
#217 Reconciler doesn't always handle programs during "My MTV" properly Reconciler defect new Aug 5, 2009
#317 uninitialised value in foreach loop line 3725 Shepherd defect mlampard assigned Nov 14, 2010
#89 strftime does not have %z Shepherd 1.x enhancement new Apr 29, 2008
#320 Add post processor to split dual episodes Postprocessor enhancement new Nov 24, 2010
#244 Ability to enable timeslot/missing data analysis on paytv channels Shepherd 1.x 1.0 enhancement new Mar 2, 2010
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