21:48 Changeset [594] by lincoln
foxtel_swf: region 126 is ACT
21:19 Changeset [593] by lincoln
only allow to run once per 12 hours unless --notimetest
20:45 flag_aus_hdtv created by lincoln
document flag_aus_hdtv
20:28 Ticket #35 (imdb_augment_data: star-rating and year) closed by lincoln
fixed: i think i have it fixed now... [591] if it can't parse a user rating …
20:25 Changeset [592] by lincoln
--set overrides for flag_aus_hdtv
20:02 Changeset [591] by lincoln
imdb_augment_data: ensure user rating is numeric, add --set support in …
19:42 imdb_augment_data edited by lincoln
formatting (diff)
19:39 programme_title_example.png attached to imdb_augment_data by lincoln
19:39 imdb_augment_data created by lincoln
document imdb_augment_data
19:25 Changeset [590] by max
jrobbo now uses IO::Uncompress::unzip and performs extraction in memory …
19:21 Changeset [589] by lincoln
re-add user ratings back in, add dont_augment_desc user setting
17:23 Ticket #35 (imdb_augment_data: star-rating and year) created by max
Pretty sure imdb_augment_data is no longer supplying star ratings or year …
17:16 FAQ edited by anonymous
16:53 WikiStart edited by lincoln
16:52 FAQ edited by lincoln
16:47 FAQ edited by lincoln
16:45 Changeset [588] by lincoln
fixes to --component-set
16:34 Changeset [587] by lincoln
commit --set overrides for abc_website/abc2_website
14:53 Changeset [586] by lincoln
remove support for previous-deprecated Data::Dumper cache from …


16:16 Changeset [585] by max
Bugfix flag_aus_hdtv
04:52 Changeset [584] by max
Rex support for regions 71, 79, and 90
02:24 Changeset [583] by max
Handle inability to read channel_list reference


23:52 Ticket #34 (should write a TV Episode guide postprocessor based on tv.com lookups (via ...) created by lincoln
tv.com contains lots of TV series/episode information (sort of what IMDb …
23:18 Changeset [582] by lincoln
turn imdb categories into exclude list as opposed to include list, cleanup …
20:00 Changeset [581] by max
Added new component category: "reference". References are non-executables. …
19:53 Changeset [580] by lincoln
--component-set for shepherd to set tunable parameters on components


22:15 Changeset [579] by max
Official channel list, generated by --list-chan-names with region 0
14:41 Changeset [578] by max
More informative errors from yahoo7web, less useless sleeping, less …


23:36 channel_icons edited by anonymous
23:32 channel_icons edited by anonymous
23:26 Changeset [577] by lincoln
another set of channel logos
23:22 channel_icons edited by anonymous
20:25 Changeset [576] by max
More informative error for yahoo7widget on no connectivity
20:02 channel_icons edited by anonymous
19:56 Changeset [575] by lincoln
match_stoplist_override for canonical title matching
17:43 Installation edited by anonymous
add channel_icons (diff)
17:31 channel_icons created by anonymous
17:12 WikiStart edited by anonymous
15:15 Changeset [574] by lincoln
test single title functionality for title testharness
14:47 Changeset [573] by lincoln
'SBS News' not 'SBS NEWS'
14:10 Changeset [572] by lincoln
mythfrontend/mythweb don't understand svg format logos, use png ones …


21:10 Changeset [571] by lincoln
added --set-icons to populate channel icon graphics
20:25 Changeset [570] by lincoln
more tweaks to logo_list format
17:26 Changeset [569] by lincoln
change logo list layout
16:28 Changeset [568] by max
Remove old output files from components before invoking. Important in …
15:18 Changeset [567] by lincoln
list of channel logos
02:40 Changeset [566] by max
Non-zero exit status on failed download


23:06 Changeset [565] by lincoln
yahoo7web only sleeps now when it actually fetches stuff from the web. …
23:01 Changeset [564] by lincoln
if a component fails, capture its last gasp but in a manner that strips …
21:07 Changeset [563] by lincoln
fix yahoo7web "not a reference at line 212" oops from Storable
20:53 Changeset [562] by lincoln
do not strip line number from fail message
20:24 Changeset [561] by lincoln
map oztivo foxtel channel names to shepherd foxtel channel names
20:06 Changeset [560] by max
Some code to stop bad caches from allowing us to call grabbers that don't …
19:42 Changeset [559] by lincoln
always fill in components_used, even if the component failed
19:27 Changeset [558] by max
Tweak oztivo "I need configuration" msgs
19:06 Changeset [557] by max
18:48 Changeset [556] by max
Bigger component-failure graphs


14:59 Changeset [555] by lincoln
yahoo7web: 1. harden use of Storable a bit, 2. cache day/summary pages for …
14:26 Changeset [554] by lincoln
enhance data checks on foxtel_swf


19:17 Changeset [553] by max
Check user has valid region set
19:03 Changeset [552] by max
03:24 Changeset [551] by max
Slightly less confusing error message on failing to retrieve remote files


17:46 Changeset [550] by max
Rex: don't die on corrupted cache file; fix --dump-cache


21:16 Changeset [549] by lincoln
enable flag_aus_hdtv postprocessor
16:53 Changeset [548] by lincoln
changes to shepherd's soak_up_data() so it analyzes the optional channel …
16:14 Changeset [547] by lincoln
fix foxtel sub-titles: don't insert HASH when there is no sub-title
13:41 WikiStart edited by anonymous
00:51 Changeset [546] by lincoln
only mark HDTV on HD channel


21:05 Changeset [545] by lincoln
update flag_aus_hdtv but dont yet enable it
20:42 Changeset [544] by lincoln
final tweaks for foxtel paytv support - now works
20:09 Changeset [543] by lincoln
enable foxtel_swf
19:52 Changeset [542] by lincoln
ensure paytv channels dont contain special characters
18:59 Changeset [541] by lincoln
more work on paytv support
18:38 Changeset [540] by lincoln
first part of paytv support, committed only for testing
13:50 Changeset [539] by max
Bugfix: yahoo7widget was dropping data for shows with multiple categories …
04:19 Changeset [538] by lincoln
max noticed yahoo7web mishandled programmes spanning midnight
04:05 Changeset [537] by lincoln
initial foxtel grabber commit (not yet enabled)
02:08 Changeset [536] by max
Ignore/flag shows from grabbers with no or negative duration


18:58 Changeset [535] by max
Tidy part of --configure
16:57 Changeset [534] by lincoln
peter noticed --reset did not work
13:49 Ticket #1 (Support --quiet) closed by lincoln
fixed: reverted in [533]
13:42 Changeset [533] by lincoln
max pointed out that changes to --quiet break XMLTV spec, revert that part
13:42 Changeset [532] by max
Add Tasmania to stats labels
13:26 Ticket #1 (Support --quiet) reopened by max
Reopened due to [531]


21:51 Changeset [531] by lincoln
update shepherd to work with mythtv post MythTV changeset 12499 …
20:58 Changeset [530] by lincoln
imbb changed their website layout, update imdb_augment_data to handle that


19:17 Changeset [529] by lincoln
reconciler now parses $opt_channels also
15:31 Changeset [528] by lincoln
allow combo statistics to show when micrograbbing is used
15:12 Changeset [527] by lincoln
oztivo: 1. prepare for supporting foxtel channel lineup, 2. remove Cwd use


17:26 Changeset [526] by lincoln
undocumented option for grabbing extra days for abc/abc2
16:03 Changeset [525] by max
Tidy up logging, include requested gaps in debug output.
00:34 Changeset [524] by lincoln
optimize yahoo7web: when fetching microgaps, only fetch summary pages for …


16:15 Ticket #19 (Grabbers should maybe timeout faster) closed by lincoln
fixed: fixed in abc_website/abc2_website in [521]. fixed in ninemsn in [522]. …
16:14 Changeset [523] by lincoln
yahoo7web: address takes-too-long-to-detect-network-down in ticket #19
16:02 Changeset [522] by lincoln
ninemsn: address takes-too-long-to-detect-network-down in ticket #19
15:48 Changeset [521] by lincoln
abc/abc2: address takes-too-long-to-detect-network-down in ticket #19
14:58 Changeset [520] by lincoln
update sbsnews_website: process subtitle correctly, plus Paul pointed out …


20:16 Changeset [519] by max
Cosmetic tweak: say when we're skipping the update
19:10 Ticket #23 (No XML causes hang) closed by max
fixed: [518]
19:08 Changeset [518] by max
04:03 Changeset [517] by lincoln
yahoo kindly AJAXified their website, making grabbing with yahoo7web far …


18:22 Changeset [516] by max
More accurate cache verification for Rex
17:30 Changeset [515] by max
Accurate reporting of micrograbber MISSING_DATA
17:25 Changeset [514] by lincoln
minor ninemsn updates, really just syncing minor local changes back to …
16:06 Ticket #33 (sbsnews patch, small change to time match) closed by lincoln
fixed: applied in [513] - thanks Paul!
16:05 Changeset [513] by lincoln
patch from paul in ticket #33


22:27 Ticket #33 (sbsnews patch, small change to time match) created by paulx@…
At the sbs news website  http://www.sbs.com.au/whatson/WNC-Schedule.html
18:37 Changeset [512] by max
Bigger region graphs
18:35 Changeset [511] by max
Little util for reading epoch missing data strings
18:26 Ticket #32 (Patch for Access31 in OzTivo grabber) closed by max
fixed: [510] Thanks.
18:26 Changeset [510] by max
Channel 31 for oztivo grabber (#32)
14:14 Ticket #32 (Patch for Access31 in OzTivo grabber) created by sbasso@…
Adds an extra match for the community stations 31-XXX in the OzTivo? guide
00:15 Changeset [509] by lincoln
micrograb support for ninemsn


18:25 Changeset [508] by lincoln
don't report MISSING_DATA for grabbers asked to fetch microgaps
17:48 Changeset [507] by lincoln
some ten_website updates: gap fetching support and OCR/genre updates
16:26 Changeset [506] by lincoln
microgap support for sbsnews


17:57 Installation edited by max


22:55 Installation edited by michael@…
22:21 Ticket #28 (yahoo7widget patch) closed by lincoln
fixed: committed via changeset [505] - thanks Paul!
22:21 Changeset [505] by lincoln
yahoo7widget3.patch from trac ticket #28
22:16 Ticket #29 (sbsnews patch) closed by lincoln
fixed: implemented via commit in [504]. (was implemented in a slightly different …
22:13 Changeset [504] by lincoln
make sbsnews_website obey --days and --offset settings
18:57 Ticket #31 (imdb patch) closed by lincoln
fixed: applied in [503]
18:55 Changeset [503] by lincoln
imdb6.patch from #31
13:08 Security edited by max


18:05 WikiStart edited by max
14:01 WikiStart edited by max
13:24 Changeset [502] by max
Bugfix: was incorrectly recording cached/missing data for C1 grabbers
13:07 Ticket #30 (oztivo patch) closed by max
fixed: Thanks! [501]
13:07 Changeset [501] by max
per #30


23:22 Security edited by paulx@…
Add link to new page (diff)
23:15 SecurityDebian created by paulx@…
22:07 Ticket #31 (imdb patch) created by paulx@…
Fix typo "cacne" to "cache". Stop error on no url for 200 results. Allow …
21:45 Ticket #30 (oztivo patch) created by paulx@…
Remove bracketed strings from channel names and if "TEN" found add "10". …
21:41 Ticket #29 (sbsnews patch) created by paulx@…
Allow it to return requested days.
21:38 Ticket #28 (yahoo7widget patch) created by paulx@…
Print all ignored channels instead of just first. Join warnings to …
21:37 Changeset [500] by max
Bugfix [498]
19:33 Changeset [499] by max
Make microgap-hunting visible without --debug
19:24 Changeset [498] by max
Graph hours of data grabbed by each grabber
18:43 Changeset [497] by max
Bugfix [495]
16:19 Changeset [496] by max
Extra infinite-loop protection
15:54 Changeset [495] by max
Report multiple usage of same grabber correctly; report missing data per …
13:32 Changeset [494] by max
Bugfix [492]


21:30 Changeset [493] by lincoln
ten_website used_detailed_cache statistics were faulty
21:12 Ticket #27 (shepherd doesn't seem to call '[cached]' grabbers correctly) closed by lincoln
wontfix: looking in my .shepherd/shepherd.conf file, there was a bogus component …
20:43 Changeset [492] by lincoln
explicitly say why a given grabber was chosen
20:14 Changeset [491] by max
Rex doesn't die on bad web data
20:00 Ticket #9 (Full debug output in shepherd.log) closed by max
fixed: [489]
19:57 Changeset [490] by max
Tidy up output, be more explicit about what we're doing in grabber …
19:18 Changeset [489] by max
Log debugging statements to shepherd.log even when --debug is not set


18:24 Ticket #27 (shepherd doesn't seem to call '[cached]' grabbers correctly) created by lincoln
saw this in the output from shepherd, note how its trying to execute …
18:20 Ticket #26 (abc_website micrograbbing doesn't work) closed by lincoln
fixed: was expecting gaps to be in XMLTV date format not epoch time. fixed …
18:16 Changeset [488] by lincoln
minor gap fixes for abc_website/abc2_website
18:06 Changeset [487] by lincoln
fix microgap support in abc_website - was expecting XMLTV date/time format …
18:05 Changeset [486] by lincoln
fix microgap support in abc2_website - was expecting XMLTV date/time …
17:44 Changeset [485] by lincoln
remove data augment from yahoo7widget - micrograbbing from other grabbers …
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