09:09 Ticket #43 (Allow setting of command line options in shepherd.conf) created by max
It'd be handy if users could put a line into their shepherd.conf file to …


06:40 Ticket #42 (Support regional areas with flag_aus_hdtv) created by paulx@…
Removes the brackets from the channel names and tries to translate the …
06:29 Ticket #41 (New channel for region 79) created by paulx@…
The yahoo7widget1.patch adds a new channel for my region. And now will …


15:28 Changeset [627] by lincoln
jrobbo was calling everything using webwarper - logic was inversed


18:51 Ticket #40 (Incorrect channel mapping in oztivo grabber) closed by lincoln
fixed: Thanks! committed fix in [626]
18:50 Changeset [626] by lincoln
fix paytv channel mappings in oztivo as per ticket #40
17:15 Changeset [625] by lincoln
17:04 Installation edited by lincoln
rework dependencies section, updates for fedora core 6 (diff)
04:11 Ticket #40 (Incorrect channel mapping in oztivo grabber) created by anonymous
# OzTivo? grabber my $version = '0.22'; Receive the following error - …


15:46 Changeset [624] by lincoln
don't call paytv grabbers unless they can fulfill at least one channel. …


14:30 Changeset [623] by max
Bugfix exact switchover time for DST: need to do it in GMT
04:41 Changeset [622] by max
Make [621] work during DST changeover week


15:53 Changeset [621] by max
Correct bad data from OzTivo?: ABC2 times need to go forward by 1 hour if …


19:19 Installation edited by stephen@…


22:49 JavaScript created by stephen@…
22:46 Installation edited by stephen@…
javascript and suse (diff)
15:04 Installation edited by anonymous
03:19 Installation edited by anonymous
03:14 Changeset [620] by max
Switch to a hopefully more common Perl dependency for unzipping
02:40 Changeset [619] by max
Cosmetic bugfix


03:54 Security edited by max


19:21 Installation edited by max
19:20 Ticket #39 (missing dependency in doco) closed by anonymous
fixed: Added. Anyone can edit our wiki, so in the future feel free to add this …
18:49 Ticket #39 (missing dependency in doco) created by anonymous
Hi, I've installed Shepherd on Kubuntu 6.10 Edgy and it works really …


21:01 Changeset [618] by max
Eliminate possible memory leak
19:03 Changeset [617] by lincoln
better behavior for frequent calling of shepherd - still whinge at the …
17:10 Changeset [616] by max
Don't report MISSING_DATA when a component failed; more accurate error …
01:03 Ticket #36 (Date format) closed by lincoln
fixed: implemented via [615]
00:43 Changeset [615] by lincoln
always output xmltv date from reconciler and augment_timezone with seconds


19:49 Changeset [614] by max
sbsnews_website creates Station Close entries where appropriate
19:23 Changeset [613] by max
Consolidate region names on graph
18:54 Changeset [612] by max
Removed --update-version code -- no need for this since Shepherd tests new …
18:51 Changeset [611] by max
Cosmetic change for --status; tidy up --help options
18:43 Changeset [610] by max
Added undocumented option --skipupdate for testing (--noupdate is too …
18:40 Changeset [609] by max
No time test necessary when run with --dontcallgrabbers
16:03 Installation edited by max
16:00 FAQ edited by max
15:32 Changeset [608] by max
Track % of data acquired
02:20 Changeset [607] by lincoln
protect against Storable::retrieve corrupt file


18:45 Changeset [606] by lincoln
commit "tainted" functionality: 1. whinge to user if they have modified …
00:10 Ticket #38 (Add subtitle search to imdb_augment_data) created by paulx@…


23:19 Ticket #37 (Allow sbsnews_website to generate more than 7 days) created by paulx@…
16:49 Ticket #36 (Date format) reopened by Steve
Thanks Max. I'm using Webscheduler. I've altered reconciler_mk2 to suit …
15:32 Ticket #36 (Date format) closed by lincoln
wontfix: Steve, Shepherd complies with the standard XMLTV DTD and outputs …
04:48 Ticket #36 (Date format) created by Steve
Great application. However I am not running Shepherd with MythTV. I need …
00:31 Changeset [605] by max
No need to report Shepherd MISSING_DATA in addition to FAIL


22:52 Installation edited by anonymous
22:00 Installation edited by anonymous
21:45 Changeset [604] by max
sbsnews_website: Tidy formatting; correct overzealous gap-filling from …
21:40 Changeset [603] by max
sbsnews_website now actually adjusts stop times, doesn't just claim to :)
18:18 Changeset [602] by max
Rex handles network flakiness better
18:14 Changeset [601] by max
Shepherd now reports overall failure when no grabbers could obtain data, …
18:11 Changeset [600] by max
Remove some unnecessary sleeping
17:34 Changeset [599] by lincoln
change --noupdate logic around: shepherd will now always check whuffy for …
17:13 Changeset [598] by max
Bugfix [596]
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