06:35 shepherd_logic edited by rjhazelwood@…
Missed one source link (diff)
06:27 shepherd_logic edited by rjhazelwood@…
Fixed links to source (diff)


00:18 Changeset [1128] by paul
flag_aus_hdtv: add override on SBS for "Beijing 2008"


04:01 Changeset [1127] by paul
flag_aus_hdtv: add "Games of the XXIX Olympiad - Beijing" to overrides


16:22 Changeset [1126] by max
sbsweb: reduce quality due to irregularities in "LATER" (post-midnight) …


22:47 Changeset [1125] by paul
sbsnews_website: fix no stop times and 24hours to 12hours
19:32 Changeset [1124] by max
sbsnews_website: disabled, something seriously wrong here


05:49 Ticket #99 (flag_aushdtv) closed by paulx@…
fixed: Thanks Gary and Brandon. I patched it so it uses both threads for now. …
05:44 Changeset [1123] by paul
flag_aus_hdtv: #99 use new thread (even though its programs have already …


18:08 Changeset [1122] by lincoln
fix for --set-icons


00:25 Ticket #99 (flag_aushdtv) created by gary@…
It appears that the hd flagger is using an old thread on dtvforum. I …


19:05 Ticket #98 (Slight bug in reporting bad downloads for updates) closed by lincoln
fixed: thanks for the patch, applied along with http proxy workarounds for the …
18:30 Changeset [1121] by lincoln
workaround for buggy http proxies that cache things when they shouldn\'t
07:02 Ticket #98 (Slight bug in reporting bad downloads for updates) created by anonymous
The code which checks the checksum of downloaded updates and reports the …
06:21 Changeset [1120] by paul
yahoo7web: also protect microgaps
06:08 Changeset [1119] by paul
yahoo7widget & yahoo7web: tighten when station close will be added


00:50 Changeset [1118] by paul
yahoo7web: fill abc2 gap on first day before 7am
00:18 Changeset [1117] by paul
yahoo7widget: fill abc2 gap on first day before 7am


22:01 Changeset [1116] by paul
flag_aus_hdtv: fix web page parsing and ignore bad --action policy
21:46 Changeset [1115] by paul
MythTV: improve error when DBI has no mysql support, was reporting "exit …
20:32 Changeset [1114] by paul
reconciler_mk2: maybe sometimes it does return a file tvdb_augment_data, …
20:07 Changeset [1113] by paul
foxtel_swf: report get_url failures instead of "exit code 2: at Simple.pm …


20:06 Changeset [1112] by max
sbsweb: Capture "Part x of y" sub-titles
02:45 Changeset [1111] by paul
sbsweb: the web page says iso-8859-1 but its utf-8


04:12 Changeset [1110] by paul
reconciler_mk2 & sbsweb: use ISO-8859-1
03:56 Installation edited by clyde@…
Corrected spelling of JavaScript (diff)
03:30 Changeset [1109] by paul
tvdb_augment_data: add desc to series info when replacing


16:47 Changeset [1108] by max
sbsweb: Guide format change (they now use 12-hour times, not 24-hour)
16:31 Changeset [1107] by max
sbsweb: Disabled until I can figure out what's wrong with it
04:29 Changeset [1106] by max
yahoo7web: was flagging everything as a repeat!


17:28 Changeset [1105] by max
shepherd: Wasn't honoring lock for --component-set.
17:15 Changeset [1104] by max
yahoo7widget: Add SBS News, ABC2 support


06:49 Changeset [1103] by paul
yahoo7widget, rex, yahoo7web: C31 Adelaide has 4 …
06:40 Changeset [1102] by paul
yahoo7web.conf: set max reliable days for SBS News, Briz 31 and Access 31 …


19:36 Changeset [1101] by paul
sbsweb quality now 3, southerncross_website is now 2
08:54 Ticket #97 (Shows marked as 'HD Only' not flagged with flag_aus_hdtv) closed by paulx@…
fixed: fixed in [1100] Thanks
08:51 Changeset [1100] by paul
flag_aus_hdtv: fix marking as hdtv, programs that are only on the hd …
05:30 Changeset [1099] by paul
ten_website: no sub-titles
03:51 Changeset [1098] by paul
shepherd: make --list-chan-names work


19:13 Installation edited by max
Remove line about testing since it'll delay by 12-24 hours the time before … (diff)
19:07 Installation edited by max
Recommend cron job method (diff)
17:42 Changeset [1097] by max
shepherd: Exit with failure code from --daily if grabbed no data (to allow …
17:11 Changeset [1096] by max
shepherd: Add --daily option
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