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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#64 Hangs/freezes immediately after Postprocessor augment_timezone defect blocker 1.0 Shepherd
#70 Shepherd crashes when no Standard channels selected defect critical 1.0 Shepherd
#74 [PATCH] flag_hdtv_aus hangs in certain corner cases defect critical Shepherd
#84 Oztivo grabber isn't providing a programmes channel defect critical 1.0 Grabber
#207 foxtel_swf grabber for foxtel v2 website defect critical Shepherd
#220 ten_website cache not updated correctly defect critical 1.0 Configuration
#2 Installation is broken lincoln defect major Shepherd
#3 Installation borked defect major Shepherd
#4 shepherd should call each component's --configure during config if component indicates it isn't ready lincoln defect major Shepherd
#5 preferred-title grabber not called frequently enough to possibly avoid incorrect title choice lincoln defect major 1.0 Reconciler
#6 shepherd should enforce explicit time limits on how long a component is allowed to run for lincoln enhancement major Shepherd
#7 rex should default to running in directory ~/.shepherd/grabbers/rex/ if user hasn't been running rex in ~/.rex previously Max defect major Grabber
#10 shepherd should signal back grabber/component failure to a central source enhancement major 1.0 Shepherd
#11 OzTivo grabber provides bad XMLTV defect major 1.0 Grabber
#12 Shepherd shouldn't auto-update major versions Max enhancement major 1.0 Shepherd
#20 Missing data in yahoo7widget defect major Grabber
#21 Stats: reporting holes Max enhancement major Shepherd
#22 jrobbo grabber: Incorrect channel XMLTV IDs defect major 1.0 Grabber
#23 No XML causes hang defect major Shepherd
#36 Date format enhancement major Shepherd
#40 Incorrect channel mapping in oztivo grabber defect major Grabber
#41 New channel for region 79 defect major Grabber
#47 region 126 support in flag_aus_hdtv defect major 1.0 Shepherd
#51 KR0wDC <a href="">vetibklwbyac</a>, [url=]ithsdajrvzbg[/url], [link=]rvkhmrfnjjku[/link], Max defect major 1.0 Shepherd
#53 Configure error defect major Shepherd
#54 Cannot enter paytv and free to air channels with configure defect major Shepherd
#56 Channel selection: HD only defect major Shepherd
#57 abc_website does not respect region defect major Grabber
#58 Reconciler Mk2 replacing program title incorrectly defect major Reconciler
#60 flag_aus_hdtv - problem with multiple stations defect major Postprocessor
#61 yahoo7 has no sub-titles defect major Grabber
#63 HD channels diverging from SD enhancement major 1.0 Shepherd
#69 citysearch broken Max defect major Grabber
#72 Incorrect Data for new HD channels (10) defect major Grabber
#73 Add the new TEN HD channel in regions where HD channels exist enhancement major 1.0 Shepherd
#83 imdb post processor adds empty star-rating filed defect major 1.0 Shepherd
#88 imdb dropping programs due to newline in languages defect major Postprocessor
#106 Channel icons url changed defect major Shepherd
#108 foxtel not fetching defect major Grabber
#113 Not all channel/sourceid combinations being populated into programs task major Shepherd
#116 This is the titles hahadggdsgg defect major 1.0 Shepherd
#117 ONE Digital and ONE HD not supported in various grabbers defect major Grabber
#118 Yahoo7 widget URLs no longer valid Max defect major 1.0 Grabber
#120 update channel_list for Selectv channels. defect major Shepherd
#121 Update Reconciler to handle BBC World News correctly defect major 1.0 Shepherd
#132 foxtel_swf broken defect major Grabber
#202 New icons for foxtel defect major Shepherd
#203 Updated 'channels' line for foxtel_swf grabber in shepherd.conf defect major Shepherd
#204 /references/channel_list foxtel updates defect major Shepherd
#222 Add 7TWO Channel enhancement major 1.0 Shepherd
#224 Add new channel 7TWO for Gold Coast and Cairns enhancement major 1.0 Configuration
#225 Add New Foxtel channels enhancement major 1.0 Pay TV
#228 foxtel icon patch enhancement major 1.0 Pay TV
#229 foxtel channel_list changes. enhancement major 1.0 Pay TV
#233 Updated Logos enhancement major Shepherd
#234 update channel_list for region 85 defect major Configuration
#235 logo_list.txt had tabs instead preventing parsing from working defect major Configuration
#238 news and rex grabbers incompatible with Date::Manip version 6.0 defect major Grabber
#248 imdb error defect major 1.0 Reconciler
#249 update channel list for foxtel defect major 1.0 Pay TV
#250 SelecTV and Foxtel channel updates defect major 1.0 Configuration
#251 Foxtel Fetching error defect major Pay TV
#252 ten_website grabber getting times wrong, doesn't add TZ data, in output.xml (Perth) Max defect major Grabber
#253 Name fixup for MTVClassics in the new yahoo7widget defect major Grabber
#257 new yahoo7widget paytv data in AEST timezone.. defect major Grabber
#266 Ubuntu 10.04 - missing packages causes shepherd to fail defect major Shepherd
#267 abc_website grabber broken Jeremy Laidman defect major Grabber
#268 rex grabber broken Max defect major Grabber
#311 New channels in Austar/Foxtel lineup. enhancement major 1.0 Configuration
#315 Updates of TV icons defect major Configuration
#330 The Style Network is now "Style". No EPG data defect major Pay TV
#1 Support --quiet enhancement minor Shepherd
#9 Full debug output in shepherd.log enhancement minor 1.0 Shepherd
#13 SHA1 checksums for 'status' file enhancement minor 1.0 Shepherd
#14 Revamp --status output Max enhancement minor 1.0 Shepherd
#15 Re-integrate Dog into Shepherd lincoln enhancement minor 1.0 Shepherd
#18 Odd stats defect minor 1.0 Shepherd
#19 Grabbers should maybe timeout faster lincoln defect minor Grabber
#24 Micrograbs enhancement minor 1.0 Shepherd
#26 abc_website micrograbbing doesn't work defect minor Grabber
#28 yahoo7widget patch enhancement minor Grabber
#29 sbsnews patch enhancement minor Grabber
#30 oztivo patch enhancement minor Grabber
#31 imdb patch enhancement minor Grabber
#32 Patch for Access31 in OzTivo grabber defect minor Grabber
#33 sbsnews patch, small change to time match defect minor Grabber
#34 should write a TV Episode guide postprocessor based on lookups (via WWW::TV perl module) enhancement minor 1.0 Postprocessor
#35 imdb_augment_data: star-rating and year defect minor 1.0 Postprocessor
#37 Allow sbsnews_website to generate more than 7 days enhancement minor Grabber
#38 Add subtitle search to imdb_augment_data enhancement minor Postprocessor
#42 Support regional areas with flag_aus_hdtv enhancement minor Shepherd
#44 Update Gentoo Install Documentation defect minor Shepherd
#45 augment_timezone patch to not depend on DB defect minor Postprocessor
#49 OZTIVO Max defect minor Grabber
#50 Better XMLTV integration for tvdb_augment_data enhancement minor 1.0 Postprocessor
#52 tvdb_augment_data should work without network enhancement minor Postprocessor
#65 Shepherd::MythTV produces an error if your mythtv mysql password has an '=' in it defect minor Shepherd
#67 New foxtel channel "showcase" enhancement minor 1.0 Shepherd
#71 yahoo7widget defect minor Grabber
#75 dtv forum provides more detailed HDTV information enhancement minor 1.0 Postprocessor
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