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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Milestone Component
#95 Configuration file settings lost. defect blocker Shepherd
#200 Sheperd run broken in update check. defect critical Shepherd
#245 will not run successfully from crontab since update to v1.4 defect critical Shepherd
#48 Missing Channel Data defect major Shepherd
#101 Problems with foxtel_swf lookup with showcase channels defect major 1.0 Grabber
#115 fails to update channel defect major Shepherd
#123 XMLTV returned error code 8448 defect major Shepherd
#124 becheck running every minute defect major Shepherd
#227 foxtel icon patch enhancement major 1.0 Pay TV
#269 XMLTV error code 8448 defect major 1.0 Configuration
#322 ghfgh defect major Configuration
#325 Channel 11, GEM, 7Mate times are incorrect defect major 1.0 Grabber
#327 Acquiring Organic Methods to Give Up Smoking Cigarettes defect major Configuration
#335 payday loan - How To Get An Emergency Financial Help jomiequipot@… defect major 1.0 Configuration
#338 Seo Company - How To Explain SEO To Clients defect major 1.0 Configuration
#366 Issues with Shepherd defect major Configuration
#66 Extend to cover New Zealand channels enhancement minor Shepherd
#82 flag_aus_hdtv fails to run as it cannot load Shepherd::Common defect minor Shepherd
#107 Please test for sudo perms or throw an exception in the case sudo fails in .shepherd/references/Shepherd/ enhancement minor Shepherd
#194 Modernise the copy option for flag_aus_hdtv defect minor 1.0 High Definition
#243 output goes to both stdout and output.xmltv by default defect minor 1.0 Shepherd
#316 use of uninitialised value in sprintf line 3995 defect minor 1.0 Postprocessor
#318 augment_timezone no element found line 187, caught a die line 44 defect minor Postprocessor
#319 The "GEM" channel is not included as a channel option for region 71 (NSW: Wollongong) defect minor 1.0 Configuration
#321 guide data SBS Alice Springs defect minor Grabber
#340 Every day, shepherd re-adds old HD channels that don't exist anymore lincoln defect minor Configuration
#385 Shepherd Error - Grabber news did not exit cleanly! -- Can't locate in @INC (@INC defect minor Grabber
#91 typo error in channel selection configuration - "How To" channel has wrong number listed defect trivial Shepherd
#109 Can transmitted EIT data be used as one of the grabbers enhancement trivial Shepherd
#239 Additional premiere support for foxtel grabber enhancement trivial Pay TV
#272 TV logos - StreamedMP themed for Mediaportal enhancement trivial Configuration
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